Public Warehouse Services.


Contract Warehouse Services .


Warehouse Leasing  to meet a wide range of needs.


700,000 sq. ft. of quality warehouse space in Champaign, IL.


Food Grade  &

Industrial Space Available

Segregated Space Available.


Shared Space Available


Trained & experienced staff to handle your materials the right way.


Online access to inventory information.


Quality Warehouse Management that includes Good Warehousing Practices and employee accountability.





Associated Transfer & Storage, Inc. provides you the warehouse space and service option that best suit your needs, today and into the future.  We service needs from a few truckloads to requirements exceeding 200,000 sq. ft. ATS offers a range of services, including:


Public Warehousing Services.   Public warehouse services provide you the labor, material handling equipment, storage space and inventory tracking you need on 30 day terms.  This is a completely scalable, short term service solution that is ideal for seasonal needs, inventory banking, out of quality product storage, new product launches and other business needs.  Public warehousing allows you to pay for the space and services you need, when you need it.  It is completely scalable and requires no commitment to an on-going lease, additional staffing or additional equipment.


Contract Warehouse services.  Outsourcing distribution and warehousing services to ATS allows you to focus on your business and transfer the risk of managing and operating a warehouse or distribution center to ATS.  ATS offers a range of services including complete order fulfillment, JIT delivery, value add and other services to support your operations.  We have the existing space, equipment, trained staff and inventory management systems to support your operation. 


Warehouse Leasing.  ATS recognizes there are times when companies need to operate their own space, so, we provide this option.  ATS provides lease space from 25,000 sq. ft. to 300,000 sq. ft.   The facilities provide excellent access to interstates and are well docked. 

The Right Warehousing and Distribution Solution


The Resources You Need,


When You Need Thembullet












Warehouse Management System


ATS uses Camelot Software‘s 3PLink WMS for managing inventory.  3PLink is a robust system that allows ATS to track and manage your materials as you need – by product code, batch & date code, FIFO, LIFO, Min – Max control and a variety of material hold codes.  It also provides  real time visibility  to inventory information via secure internet access, the ability to access and download standard reports or have custom inventory reports automatically integrate with your system. 


Associated  Transfer & Storage, Inc. knows warehousing and distribution.   We invest in the facilities, equipment and systems to insure your products move efficiently through the operation and are tracked and accounted for.  Most importantly, we believe and invest in our people, providing them the training and tools they need to be successful.  ATS retains quality staff and management that care about servicing your business.


ATS company has been providing services for a wide range of customers, including Fortune 500 companies, for over 55 years and continually evolves  to anticipate and meet each customer’s changing requirements and needs. 


ATS invests in the physical and human resources you need to meet your distribution and warehousing needs today and into the future.