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About Us


Champaign, IL, the home of ATS, offers an ideal Midwest location with a 3-hour delivery radius to major cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. Furthermore, it provides a 1-day delivery reach to 70% of the USA market. ATS strategically benefits from the convergence of Interstates 57, 72, and 74, with all ATS facilities situated within half a mile of interstate access, ensuring ease of access for carriers. Additionally, ATS is conveniently located 50 miles away from the Midwest Inland Port in Decatur, IL, providing access to international shipping via ocean containers and four rail carriers, offering a congestion-free alternative to larger ports.

Ideal Midwest Location

Warehouse Shelves

Inventory Management

ATS utilizes Camelot 3PL Software to support our operations, track your inventory and manage receiving, shipping, and inventory tracking.  This software allows ATS to customize inventory reports to your needs. The system supports EDI integration in several formats.  ATS can set your account to support your needs for code date rotation, FIFO, LIFO, the printing of BOLs, packing lists and other information.  

Overhead View of Warehouse

Quality Facilities

ATS occupies four segregated buildings, totaling 755,000 square feet, dedicated to food, feed, and industrial purposes.

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